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Turnitin: About

This guide contains instructions on how to use Turnitin for TAFE Higher Education staff and students; as well as information about plagiarism.

Teachers - what can Turnitin do for you?

With Turnitin:

  • you can save time marking
  • you can see exactly when students hand in their assessments online
  • you can provide students with a digital receipt for their submitted assessment
  • you can access student assessments wherever you have access to a computer
  • you don't have to carry hardcopy assessments around as it is all digital


What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism occurs when you use another person's ideas, writing or work and do not acknowledge the original source.

To pretend that another person's work is your own is unethical and dishonest. Please refer to the SWSi Student Services Guide which discusses your responsibilities regarding plagiarism. 

Students are expected to acknowledge the work of others, most often by using in-text citations and a list of sources used in all written assessment tasks. When assessments are handed in via Turnitin they are compared with other assessments and online sources and given a similarity score. A high similarity score can mean that plagiarism has occurred - the teacher then needs to make a judgement regarding each individual assessment.

Teachers need to let students know which type of referencing they are expected to use. 

Look at the Research & Referencing Help guide produced by the library for further information.


Turnitin can help you avoid plagiarism and can also assist with academic writing and information literacy. This online tool

  • is available to TAFE Higher Education teachers and students only
  • is a text-matching plugin, accessible within TAFE Higher Education Moodle
  • assists with plagiarism detection by checking electronically submitted assignments against over 24 billion web pages and 300 million student papers
  • provides an originality report in which matched text is underlined, colour coded, and linked to the original source
  • can be used to encourage and educate students about the importance of academic integrity

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